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Training Events - THE SECRET TO SUCCESS!

Any of the people who will enter your business have never been self-employed before. They are used to having a boss, supervision, time clocks, and other structure. Most have never faced the challenges of working from home and the discipline it requires. Here’s the even more important issue:

A $60,000 person cannot make $600,000! They must GROW into a $600,000 person. That’s where self-development comes into the picture.

Make self-development a part of your daily activity.


National Training Events are a MUST ... IF you want to succeed at the very TOP levels in your business. 




 We truly hope to see you there!
TRAINING EVENTS are seriously THE SECRET to your success!
Come and unlock YOUR dreams!
By the way, our trainings are a BLAST!  Check our Dallas Regional Training Event (RTE) that took place 8/18/12.  We have F-U-N!!!

Staying on Track


Click the tracks to watch IMD Dr. David Pietsch's Video on Staying on Track!  Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Remember WHY you're doing this!  Stay focused!