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Scripts -Income Producing Activities

The purpose of a script is have a basic layout to practice from.  You should still use your own words when talking with people.  PRACTICE saying it out-loud before you talk to your prospects.  The more often you practice, the more it will flow off your tongue and sound NATURAL.




Remember, WorldVentures pays us a lot of money to learn a few little scripts, so just get good at this.  INVITING IS WHAT MAKES YOU MONEY!   




  • Blue Sign Invite - Follow this method step by step EXACTLY for the best results.


  • 3-Way Calls - Use this script to introduce your prospect to a third party.  Don't do this alone.  The easier you make this business, the easier it is to grow your business.  Simply invite, show the presentation, then use a 3-way call or 3rd party expert (in the room).  When a prospect says, "Hey, I can do this, they're in!  


  • Prospecting - Use this during your daily activities to add to your names list.  The bigger your names list, the bigger your paycheck!


  • Referrals - Use this script if you're making calls on behalf of someone else.  This is great if you enroll someone with a lot of influence, but not a lot of time.  Using this script, you can set up calls to meet with their network. Use this Referral Follow-Up Script.