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WorldVentures' Culture

You can't buy on a website what WorldVentures truly offers us.  We are offering fun, freedom, and fulfillment, not just vacations.  We KNOW this culture is what is separating us from other network marketing companies.  We have such fun!  We also take pictures everywhere with our banner, "You Should Be Here!"   Check out all those banners!  


Check out our www.YouShouldBeHere.com website. 



WorldVentures has already had TWO songs created for them.  Listen to the awesome words!

I'M ON MY WAY:http://teamthesecret.webs.com/WV Song - I'm On My Way.mp3


MAKING A LIVING LIVING LIFE .... LIVING GOOD:http://teamthesecret.webs.com/WV Song - Living Good.mp3

CLICK HERE for the AWESOME WORDS to "Making a Living Living Life"




At all our events, we always break out in dances.  It's fun to watch hundreds of people dance together.  Typically, everyone gets up as does "The Wobble" and "The Cupid Shuffle."  Here's how you can prepare for our next event:

CLICK HERE to get a lesson on how to do The Wobble.

CLICK HERE to get a lesson on how to do The Cupid Shuffle.




At all our events, we have "FUN."  Don't think of our "training" like some course you take in school, where you're bored to tears.  You will LOVE coming to each and every event, we promise! 

Here's a video from Dallas's Regional Training Event that took place 8/18/12.  Do these people look like they're having fun, or what?  You won't understand until you attend!  As they say, "You don't know what you don't know."  So go and find out for yourself!




Check out our episodes of "WV Live," our news channel.