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The Secret Formula is Getting Started RIGHT!

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DECIDE you WILL win!  Anyone can learn this business!  Decide you're doing this, and don't look back.  Just stay on course.  Read good books, stay positive, have fun!  Your enthusiasm and energy and posture is what will drive your business. If you think you're just going to "TRY" this and see what happens, nothing will happen.  This is not on trial.  "IT" works.  Do you?

This is a FUN, easy business.  Simply share this with everyone as fast as possible!  People want and need this!  Get to as many public presentations and training events as you can in the first month to build your BELIEF in what an amazing company you found -- WorldVentures.

Make a list of your TOP 10-20 people.  The ones to show first are the ones you believe would love this -- the most successful, the ones who love to have fun, the ones who take risks, the ones who love to travel.  You'll eventually show everyone off a list of 100-200 people you know, but start with this -- and the faster the better.  The faster your team grows, the more fun it is, and the more MOMENTUM you will have in your business! 

Simply invite (properly -- see below) and bring those people to the highest ranking teammate you can get.  We all help each other! 

Learn the invite!  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  The better you get at inviting, the more money you'll make.  Watch IMD Dr. David Pietsch's HOW TO INVITE videos.

If you're doing this for fun, just BOOK A DREAMTRIP!  You'll be blown away! 

If you're doing this for money, just BOOK A DREAMTRIP!  This is how to build BELIEF in our products.

If you're doing this for money, your goal is to get 4 sales ASAP to waive your monthly fees, then get a total of 6 sales in 4 weeks, to get all your money back, and become profitable in your business.  

Print and read "The Fast Start Playbook."   If it's not in there, don't do it!

Understand what it takes to WIN here.  If you do this as a hobby, you earn hobby money.  If you take this business seriously and run it like a business, you'll make amazing money. Read "The 10 Commitments."

Enjoy your 24/7 personal assistant!  Get driving directions, research, price comparisons, any information you'd regularly research.  It's like Google over the phone!  Simply call 855-896-2815 (This ALONE is worth paying the monthly membership dues!  You'll love it!)  Or download an app called ROVIA ASSIST.

Want last-minute vacation deals (aka "Sizzle Deals")?  For all vacations, text the word DREAM to 37619.  For hunting, fishing, or sportsman's trips, text the word HUNT to 37619.  We've seen cruises as low as $9.99!

Text the words FOLLOW TEAMLIFTOFF to 40404 to receive our team's text updates (Do the same with FOLLOW SCHRAGBLOG and FOLLOW WVCALENDAR.)

Register for the very next training you can possible get to!  The more the better!  Building BELIEF and getting WorldVentures IN YOU is what will make your business EXPLODE! 

These will be your Websites:

Most of all ... Enjoy the ride of building more fun, freedom, and fulfillment into your life!

~Andrea & John Walen, 2xDirectors and $100K LTE Ring Earners

Instructions for the Next Meeting

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**TIP:  Have POSTURE, bring your laptop, and bring a long names list to show your guest at the end! 

Make sure to introduce your guest to the presenter and leaders in the room.

  • Reps wear blue name tags (or plain address labels)
  • Guests wear red name tags (or address labels with a star)

Absolutely no business talk before the meeting about WorldVentures, network marketing, who’s in the business, et cetera.  This is time ONLY to mingle and be friendly.  Please make sure to engage with all the GUESTS, don't congregate with all reps.  This is time to FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money/Message).

What to do during the presentation:

  • Stay engaged and interested, even lean forward in your seat.
  • Take notes, laugh at the jokes, respond to questions.
  • Remember, your guest will do what you do (i.e., have them turn off their cell phones, NO TEXTING.)
  • NEVER leave the room during the presentation (no bathroom breaks, texting, phone calls, etc.).


What to do after the presentation:

As soon as it’s over, GET EXCITED, look at your guest, and say:

"That was AWESOME!   Are you ready to get started?" (Close your mouth and wait for answer.)

If they have questions - first open your laptop showing the back office binary tree and/or show them your TOP 10 SHEET.

  • Say, "Here is the next best available spot where I’ll put you.  Everyone else goes UNDER YOU once you take your position and "lock your spot."
  • Pull out your names list to show them all the people you are about to expose.  Edify the first few people in the list.
    • Say, “I’m showing all these people right after you.  It’s ONLY $360, and here’s the next best spot.  In or out?”  (Again, close your mouth.)


When they enroll:

  • After they have signed up, do a 15-minute Fast-Start training, reviewing how to invite, not to mass text, not to "explain" this to anyone.
  • Give new reps a TLO SYSTEM handout summary.  (Give a Next Steps Guide or magazine or audio or something to anyone who didn’t enroll yet.)
  • Get out your calendar and set up new rep’s first travel party 7-10 days out, which leaves you time to get a few enrollments before your first party.
  • Use that application to leverage all previous exposures.  Call everyone who's seen this before them, and give them the opportunity to go in before the new app, since they saw it first.  You can leverage MANY applications this way!  Fear of loss works!



Download the DREAMTRIPS app immediately!!!  

Our upline team is "Club Fun and Money."  Go to your app store or Google Play store and download an app called CLUB FUN AND MONEY (blue, green, and white).   Go through every tab!  It's for iPhone, Android, and other platforms.  

Also download the CALLED TO SUCCEED app.  There are many presentation videos right there at your fingertips so you can be a "mobile-preneur."  Click the link below (from your phone) or search your phone's app store or Google Play: